Designer cake studio specializing in sugar flowers and unique flavors to create stunning, one of a kind piece of art.

Based in Oakville, ON


If a flavor that you want isn't listed here contact us and we will let you know if we can make it.
Please check our pricing page for an extended list of the various pastries we make.

Cakes, Cakepops, and Cupcakes
Apple Cinnamon
Black Forest
British Toffee Cake
Butter Pecan
Carmel Crunch
Cookies 'n Cream
French Vanilla
Maple Walnut
Persian Delight (Rose/Cardamom/Saffron)
Purple Velvet
Red Velvet
Traditional Fruitcake

Cake Fillings
Caramel Walnut
Chocolate Buttercream
Chocolate Mocha
Cookies n' Cream Buttercream
Cream Cheese
Dulce de Leche
Lemon Curd
Mango (when in season)
Maple Buttercream
Strawberry Buttercream
Vanilla Bean Paste Buttercream
Whipped Chocolate Ganche

French Macarons
Dulce de Leche
Earl Grey
Lemon Curd
Mango (when in season)
Maple Butter

Profiterole Fillings
Chantilly Cream
Dulce de Leche
Maple Butter

Cake Pricing

The details are important to us! We use the most organic and fresh ingredients to make our cakes and we know it makes a difference in the taste. Our sugar flowers and decorations are hand-made and customized to your exact wishes. The price we quote will reflect the size and complexity of the proposed design.

Each cake is quoted on an individual basis and starts at a minimum of $300. Most of our wedding clients have chosen designs between $500-$800 for single tier cakes and above $1500 for three tier cakes.

Approximate prices can be given by email if the serving number and a general design is provided. Full quotes are provided at a paid consultation and tasting session which costs $100 and involves meeting in person to discuss and finalize details of the size, design and flavors. The consultation cost goes toward your cake order once the quote is finalized.

Cake Serving Size

We offer two serving sizes for wedding and special occasion cakes, coffee and dessert sizes. Coffee size is 1" x 1" x 4" and dessert size is 1" x 2" x 4". Coffee servings are usually chosen when you plan to have other desserts or you are serving the cake after a large meal, while dessert serving are meant to be had when you want the cake to be the main dessert. We price our wedding cakes using coffee servings and if you want dessert serving instead then that will mean double the amount of cake.

If you are serving other desserts or sweets at your event then you may be able to get away with a smaller cake. You should also consider having a professional cut the cake at your event as they usually know how to maximize the slices.

For birthdays and smaller events the servings are usually dessert servings but we can always discuss you would prefer a small serving size.

Wedding Favors and Pastries

Cake Gems: From $3-$10 per cake gem with a minimum order of 18 cake gemsCakepops: From $3-$10 per cake pop with a minimum order of 18 cake popsChocolate Truffles: From $4-$8 per truffle with a minimum order of 18 trufflesCupcakes: From $4-$15 per cupcake with a minimum order of 12 cupcakesFrench macarons: From $3-$10 per macaron with a minimum order of 18 macaronsMini Cakes: Starting at $15 with minimum order of 3 mini cakesMini Sphere Cakes: Starting at $15 with minimum order of 3 mini sphere cakesProfiteroles: From $2-$6 per profiterole with a minimum order of 18 profiterolesShaped Marzipan Sweets: From $4-$10 per sweet with a minimum order of 12 sweetsSugar cookies: From $5-$12 per cookie with a minimum order of 12 cookies
*Other pastries and sweets can be made upon request.
**Prices vary based on size of pastries and complexity of decorations.

Tips for Couples on a Budget

If you're looking into a design that is heavy on flowers, compare quotes on handmade sugar flowers with fresh flowers supplied by your florist.If you want something a bit hands on, opt for a simple frosted or even plain iced tiers and add your own toppers or embellishments.Keep to the size you need for your serving numbers rather than adding foam tiers for dramatic impact.A simple iced cake with some statement flowers can be just as stylish as something more elaborate when made skillfully.If you're having a small wedding and plan to have other foods available, opt out of a cake all together and consider a pastry table or just wedding favors.Consider choosing a more common flavor rather than something extravagant to help cut ingredient costs a bit. Flavors like Butter Pecan, Maple Walnut, Rich Fruit, Rose, or Pistachio can be costly because acquiring the ingredients takes a bit of extra time or costs more than common flavors.


There are so many options available to you for your cake and we want to make things as simple as possible. Here are some answers to common questions to help you understand the processing behind making and ordering a cake or pastries. Still have questions? Send us an email and we'll do our best to help!

1. How far in advance do I need to book for weddings and large events?
We book up quickly, so the more notice the better! The process of designing a cake is extensive and takes a good deal of planning and communicating; therefore, we respectfully ask for orders to be placed at least several months in advance to guarantee a booking. Most clients come in around three to six months before the wedding date.

To confirm your order we require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee and the balance paid in a month prior to your event date.

2. If I want a birthday cake, how far in advance should I place my order?
We typically require three to four weeks notice to book a birthday cake. The earlier the better, but we will always try to accommodate requests.

3. What is the process of ordering a cake?
For weddings or large events we recommend that you make an initial inquiry by email, giving us your date, delivery location, serving size (coffee or dessert), number of servings, potential flavors, and design ideas so we can give you a rough price guide. If at that point you are interested in discussing things further, then we can book you in for a full consultation and tasting and provide a firm quote. There is a $50 fee for the tasting and consultation and we will prepare four of our most popular flavors. The consultation cost goes toward your cake order once the quote is finalized. To confirm your order, a 50% retainer fee is payable, with the balance being due one month before the event.

For events other than weddings or small pastry orders we often work by phone and email to finalize a design and quote, and of course we are more than happy to work by email if you are planning your wedding from outside the GTA or overseas.

4. How much will my cake cost?
The final price will depend on serving numbers and the complexity of details chosen, and each cake is quoted on an individual basis. We have a minimum order of $300. Most of our wedding clients have chosen designs between $500-$800 for single tier cakes and above $1500 for three tier cakes.

Approximate prices can be given by email if the serving number and a general design is provided. Full quotes are provided at a paid consultation and tasting session which costs $50 and involves meeting in person to discuss and finalize details of the size, design and flavors. The consultation cost goes toward your cake order once the quote is finalized.

5. Can I have a different flavor in each tier?
Yes! You can have as many flavors as you have tiers. As we layer all our cakes with ganache or swiss meringue buttercream, you can also choose the filling flavors as well.

6. Can I order wedding favors or pastries without ordering a cake?
Of course, we take pastry orders as well as cake orders. Please place your order about three to four weeks in advance of your event date.

Pastries can be ordered alone or part of a sweet table (with or without a cake) for larger events.
Wedding favor orders should be placed at least six weeks in advance to give time for us to prepare the packaging and custom ribbons as well.

7. What's so unique about your cakes?
We pride ourselves over the premium ingredients we use. All our cakes and pastries are freshly baked using pure butter-no margarine or shortening, all real fresh fruit jams (and fruit reductions) made in our kitchen. Our lemon curd is a 75 year old family recipe and our rich fruit cake is 125 year old recipe. We do not use any artificial flavors or essence and no corn syrup. We generally coat our cakes with ganache made with the finest chocolate and organic fresh cream. Our swiss meringue buttercream is 100% pure premium butter and vanilla bean paste and fresh egg whites cooked with pure cane sugar. We make our own marzipan, toffees and pralines. In our maple walnut cake, pure maple butter is used in the filling along with walnut caramel crunch. Our butter pecan has pecan candy in the filling. Our chocolate cake has a whipped ganache filling with Godiva chocolate pearls!

8. Can I taste your cakes?
Yes, after the intial contact and discussion through email we will book you in for a tasting and consultation session where we will prepare 4 of our most popular flavors for you. This session will cost you $50 which will go towards your cake order when the quote for that is finalized. If you want to try extra flavors then you may request that for an additional cost of $20 per flavor. If you want wedding favors or a pastry table you will also be booked in for a tasting and consultation session and the same details will apply.

9. Can I have foam "dummy" tiers or a smaller cake plus kitchen slabs to reduce the price?
Yes, you could have a full 3+ tier dummy wedding cake with all the decorations and sugar flowers and toppers etc and have a kitchen cake to serve your guests. It will save you around 200-300 dollars and you will have the dummy cake to take home with you. You could either have it on display or later on rent it out or do as you please. You let us know which side you would be cutting from then we can replace that section with real cake for you to cut into for pictures. After that has been consumed there will be a dummy slice which can be slid in its place to fill the gap.

If you just want to make an impression with a big grand cake but have only a small number of guests, you could have extra dummy tiers and/or foam spacers between tiers. The cost of this will be higher than just making a cake large enough to feed your guests but if you have the budget and want to have an extravagant cake we can do it.

10. If I have a photo of a cake I want, can you copy it?
You are welcome to bring in photos of cakes from other designers as part of an inspiration board, however we do not do copies of others’ work. We also ask for others to respect the copyright ownership of our original cake designs.

11. What should I bring to a consultation and tasting session?
Any materials you have from your wedding can help in arriving at the perfect cake design. Invitations, fabric/color swatches, inspiration boards and images or lists of your floral decorations will all assist in visualizing the look of your day and design a cake to match.

12. Can you accommodate allergies or special diets?
Yes, we can make nut-free options for our cakes and pastries, except macarons of course. Our French macarons use only almond meal and are actually gluten-free. Unfortunately we do not have vegan options or gluten-free cakes available currently.

13. Do you deliver?
Yes we do and delivery is free within Oakville. If your venue is located outside of Oakville the delivery fee will vary. Please contact us directly for a quote.

14. How do I pay for my cake or pastry order?
We accept payment through cash, cheque, interac e-transfer, or paypal.

For wedding or large event cakes, pastry tables, and wedding favors we require a 50% non-refundable retainer fee to confirm your order, and the balance must be paid in full at least one month prior to your event date.

For birthdays or smaller event cakes, and small pastry orders we need the balance paid in full one week before the event.


To view some examples of our cakes and sweets please check out any of our social media links below. All business inquires should be sent to our email or by phone call (905-465-1682).